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Movie: BADGE 373 DB


BADGE 373 is a crime thriller in the tradition of ""The French Connection"" and ""Serpico"". Eddie Ryan (Robert Duvall), a tough, no-nonsense and abrasive Irish cop, has to turn in his badge after scuffling with a suspect who then falls to his death from a rooftop. But that doesn't stop him from heading out on a one-man crusade to avenge his partner's murder, all the while neglecting his new live-in girlfriend, Maureen (Verna Bloom). Ryan's investigation leads him to Puerto Rican drum kingpin, Sweet Willie (Henry Darrow), and the shipment of guns for the Puerto Rican Crime Syndicate. Real life policeman, Eddie Egan plays Duvall's Lieutenant. Screenplay by journalist, Pete Hamill and directed by big-time Hollywood producer, Howard W. Koch.

Release Date: 4/1/2012

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