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Big Bad Boguslaw Videos and DVDs

Big Bad Boguslaw Videos
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Boguslaw is back!! A top action star in his native country for 30 years, Boguslaw Linda has been dubbed the Polish Bruce Willis. He burns up the screen as an action star, but he can handle comedy like a pro. This two-pack offers both sides to Linda's star image. Set in 1976, SEGMENT '76 takes a breezy look at some of the problems and hardships of the communist era. A young man in love wants to impress his new girlfriend with comfortable furnishings for his apartment, but acquiring decent furniture in 1970s Poland is no small feat. Boguslaw Linda teams up with frequent costar Marek Kondrat in DESERTER'S GOLD, a lighthearted WWII adventure about two members of the Polish underground. They plan to outwit the Nazis by robbing a German-controlled bank and using the loot to purchase a major shipment of arms.

Release Date: 12/28/2010

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