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Golden Globe nominee, Liselotte Pulver, plays twin daughters Liesel and Susi of a rich widower. One of the twins, Liesel, is beautiful, feminine, sophisticated, educated and in love with a fellow, Toni (Helmut Schmid) from back home. The other twin is just the opposite - clumsy, masculine, never left home and wants nothing to do with men. Liesel plans on marrying Toni when she returns home to the village after graduation. When Toni asks her father for Liesel's hand in marriage, father reveals that the girl's mother's death-bed wish was for Susi to get married first. Toni and his friend Günter Krüger (Dietmar Schönherr, winner of International Television: Best Actor and Winner lifetime achievement as an actor and TV host) plan out a crazy scheme to get Susi married first so that Toni can marry Liesel. Meanwhile Rolf (Peter Vogel) wants to marry Susi too so he can inherit her dowery. The film contains wonderful comical acting, brilliant puns and entertaining songs.

Release Date: 10/13/2009

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